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stsadm command for people picker for trusted domain users in sharepoint

I have tried to search the trusted domain users account directly on the sharepoint People Picker in the sharepoint site but its not displaying in the people picker search page.Finally found the following STSADM commands for set the people picker to pickup the trusted domain users in the sharepoint site.

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Slipstreaming Patches in SharePoint 2010

I have faced one scenario that have to run the SharePoint 2010 with latest patches but I had 3 different setup files such as SharePoint 2010 setup, SharePoint Service pack 1 setup file, SharePoint latest cumulative update

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Alerts not working in moss

"I have created the alert in my moss site and I received the First Initial Alert Notification Mail After that I have not received Any mails from the Library if any changes on it".

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Preserve Sharepoint 2010 list metadata while copying list items through code

while copying the sharepoint 2010 list items through SPListItem.Update(),it updates the SharePoint built-in metadata fields like Modified Date, Modified by, version etc with current date etc..

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Create Sharepoint 2013 Search Service Application Topology using Script

I have created Search Service Application Topology for sharepoint 2013 using below powershell Script

# Create a new Search Service Application in SharePoint 2013
 Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
# Settings>

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