Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) allow Microsoft customers to use their Software Assurance Benefits to pay certified partners for SharePoint deployment and upgrade services. With SharePoint Deployment Planning Services, customers can leverage best practices and plan an effective deployment of SharePoint Server 2010 (or 2007), plan their upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 or plan a deployment of SharePoint for Internet Sites.

SharePoint Deployment Offerings:

SharePoint Deployment Planning: We provide customized SharePoint 2010 (or SharePoint 2007) deployment plans that are most relevant to your requirements.

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning: If you have already deployed Sharepoint 2007 and looking to upgrade to sharepoint 2010, upgrades can be planned early by building a customized migration plan.

SharePoint for Internet Sites: we help customers plan to use Office SharePoint Server to deliver an end-to-end web platform with web content management, digital asset management, search, and commerce.

SDPS Benefits

SDPS enables customers to get more value out of your Software Assurance investment.
SDPS gives customers answers to their SharePoint deployment questions from our experienced Sharepoint Consultants.
SDPS engagement model can be customized to organizations Sharepoint needs (collaboration, portals, ECM workflow or enterprise search).
SDPS gives assurance to customers by ensuring their deployment plan will be created by a credible Partner.

Please Contact Us at 206-855-3113 or send a mail to

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